Read Receipts

Read receipts can be a useful tool for both personal and professional communication. If you are using a pixel email tracking system is become even more powerful. Here are four benefits of using read receipts in your email client.

  1. Get confirmation that your message was received.

    If you're sending an important email, it can be helpful to know for sure that it was received by the intended recipient. A read receipt gives you that confirmation.

  2. Know when your message was read.

    In addition to knowing that your message was received, a read receipt can also tell you when it was read. This can be useful for follow-up purposes.

  3. Know when to follow up.

    If you're not getting a response to an email, a read receipt can tell you whether or not the recipient actually read your message. This can be helpful in deciding whether or not to follow up.

  4. Avoid accidental overlooking.

    Have you ever sent an email and then realized later that you never got a response? It's possible that the email was overlooked or forgotten. A read receipt can help prevent this by reminding you that you're waiting on a response to a specific message.

See? That feature is critical to get the most of your email. Now you can see below how you can use them with your personal email service provider.

How to use Read Receipts with your Email Service Provider?

How email tracking works

If you turn on the email tracking pixel for an individual email, you’ll then see if your recipient has opened the message and when. If you send a group email, you’ll also know which recipients opened your message and when, as well as which ones didn’t. It’s handy information when you need to follow up.

The time and name are the only data the feature captures, so it doesn’t breach your or the recipients’ privacy.

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