How to Use Read Receipts with Your Email Account

Posted November 1, 2022 - Updated July 8, 2024

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An email tracker is a great tool to tell whether your emails were opened. Though it cannot say a recipient has also read your message, it allows for more context and better-timed next steps in your email communication.

Unfortunately, (Telenor Danmark) doesn't offer email tracking in its functionality.

Good news though! (Telenor Danmark) supports IMAP, so you can access the read receipt feature through a desktop email client like Mailbird.

Read Receipt is not available for Read Receipt is not available for Webmail Interface

So, how do you track email opens on messages you send from

To access that valuable read receipt feature when sending an email from your (Telenor Danmark) account, just follow the steps below. You'll be able to try the "read receipts" feature using Mailbird for free.

  1. Download and install Mailbird

    Mailbird is a desktop email client that is very convenient for managing multiple addresses, either in its unified inbox or separately. It supports most email providers, so you can boost almost any kind of account with convenient email management features like read receipts.

    So, the first step is to download and install the app on your desktop.

  2. Add your account

    Launch the Mailbird app and add your name, address, and password. Then, wait for the server settings to configure (or do it manually with these instructions). You'll be able to add more accounts in the Settings menu later on.

    MB Tracking 475

    Add your account

  3. Turn on email tracking when composing an email

    Once you write your message and add recipients, find the email tracking button next to Send in the Compose window. Click on it to enable tracking for this email.

    MB Tracking 475 <>

    Add your account

    You can also make it a default function in the Composing menu:

    Add your account

How email tracking works

If you turn on the email tracking pixel for an individual email, you’ll then see if your recipient has opened the message and when. If you send a group email, you’ll also know which recipients opened your message and when, as well as which ones didn’t. It’s handy information when you need to follow up.

The time and name are the only data the feature captures, so it doesn’t breach your or the recipients’ privacy.

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FAQ about email open tracker tools

Such tools can tell whether a recipient has opened an email thanks to a pixel reserved for tracking the time and date of the activity. Some advanced standalone email tracker software can also tell whether the addressee clicked on any links you placed in the message.

A tracking pixel is an invisible tag that records information about email activity. In this case, it’s the date and time when an email has been opened and by whom.

You can enable the feature in Mailbird when sending an email or set it as a default function.

Yes, these tools only track the time and date when an account has clicked to open an email. Since email tracking software doesn't collect any personal data, it's not illegal.

Since most email tracker apps offer only free Gmail email tracking, Mailbird can take this title, as it's one of very few tools that can track emails regardless of your email provider.

There are quite a few email trackers with free plans, though most of them offer free email tracking for Gmail only.

Using a different email service?

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