How to Unsend an Email with Your XFINITY Email Email Account

Posted November 1, 2022 - Updated July 15, 2024

Using Undo Send in XFINITY Email webmail

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The option to unsend email is a feature that allows for retracting your message after sending it so you can make appropriate edits, add an attachment, or forgo sending it altogether.

Unfortunately, XFINITY Email doesn't offer anything like an “unsend” or “undo send” feature in its interface.

Good news though! XFINITY Email supports IMAP, so you can access the “undo send” feature through a desktop email client like Mailbird.

Snooze is not available for xfinity email Undo Send is not available for xfinity email

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How to unsend an email you messaged from XFINITY Email

In order to access the “undo send” email feature with your XFINITY Email, just follow the steps described below. You'll be able to try this feature in Mailbird for free.

  1. Download and install Mailbird

    Mailbird is a desktop email client that is very convenient for managing multiple addresses, either in its unified inbox or separately. It supports most email providers, so you can boost almost any kind of account with unique features like the option to unsend emails.

    So, the first step is to download and install the app on your desktop.

  2. Add your XFINITY Email account

    Launch the Mailbird app and add your name, XFINITY Email address, and password. Then, wait for the server settings to configure (or do it manually with these instructions). You'll be able to add more accounts in the Settings menu later on.

    MB Unsend 899
    mb_unsend_899@xfinity email

    Add your XFINITY Email account

  3. Go to Composing tab in Settings

    In this tab, you can choose the timeframe in which the “undo send” email feature works. By default, the feature is set to 15 seconds, but you can also extend this period for up to 30 seconds.

    Add your XFINITY Email account

How unsend feature works

Once you click the Undo button, the message goes back to your drafts.

Add your XFINITY Email account

You can find it in the relevant folder and alter it in any way necessary before sending it again. Alternatively, you can scrap it and create a new message altogether.

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FAQ about unsend email feature

Yes, you can retract an email after sending it, but since XFINITY Email doesn't offer such functionality, you can add your account to Mailbird, as it offers the feature no matter what. Mailbird is also worth checking out for a number of productivity-enhancing features, like the unified inbox for managing multiple accounts in one place, snoozing and scheduling messages, and email tracking, as well as around thirty integrations with popular tools.

In Mailbird, you can unsend an email by clicking the Undo button that appears after you click the Send button. Depending on your settings, you have up to a 30-second window to do this.

Unsending an email in XFINITY Email after an hour is not possible. What we can advise is scheduling your emails. Then, the period in which you can edit the message is framed by the scheduled time and date, not a 30-second window.

No, it's not possible for anyone except you to see the unsent message. Once you click the Undo button, the email will go back to your drafts.

No, it's not possible to unsend an email after a day. Consider using the schedule feature to get more time to reflect on your emails.

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